The Step Back – Episode 1 – transcript

Graham Wing 0:01
Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first episode of The Step Back podcast. My name is Graham

Andrew Wing 0:06
and I’m Andrew. And we’re a couple of guys that love to talk about basketball.

Graham Wing 0:10
I’m the dad and Andrew’s the son, so we’ve got a range of opinions here. Andrew thinks that, what, modern basketball is the best?

Andrew Wing 0:18
Oh, yes, no doubt.

Graham Wing 0:21
And I’m more of a fan of the stuff from the 80s and 90s. But somehow or other basketball still brings us together. So we thought we’d start this podcast. We have some pretty strong opinions sometimes.

Andrew Wing 0:34
That’s true.

Graham Wing 0:34
That’s true?

Andrew Wing 0:34
It’s true.

Graham Wing 0:36
Andrew seems to think, well, what’s the best team Andrew?

Andrew Wing 0:39
Oh, the Toronto Raptors

Graham Wing 0:41
And why is the Toronto Raptors the best team?

Andrew Wing 0:45
Drake is a global ambassador.

Graham Wing 0:49
And I couldn’t care less if Drake was the global ambassador.

Andrew Wing 0:52
Well, I care.

Graham Wing 0:53
So somehow that makes the Raptors the best. I seem to go for a skill over a star. But anyway, we’re going to talk about things from our different perspectives, the best players of all time, the way the game has changed over the years, and so on. So we hope that you enjoy your time with us and enjoy The Step Back.

So first of all, we thought we need to take a minute to talk about kind of what we do these days to follow basketball. So each day, I generally pull up a handful of websites. So I pull up, and go to the NBA section and whatever headlines happened to be there. I generally don’t read much of the game summaries. But I definitely definitely read anything that Woj has put out, read the power rankings every Monday and Zach Lowe does his 10 things that he likes and dislikes. I definitely read those. I always go to NBC Sports. I’m not sure why, but the NBA section of their site is quite good. Lots of good information there. So I check that out. Bleacher Report I’m not a big fan of, but I do check it out to see if there’s anything useful. I find that really all they do is link to other people’s stories, a lot of things from and if I wanted to read, I go to NBA. com. So I do check them out, but don’t spend a lot of time on them. From a local perspective, Doug Smith at the Toronto Star does a phenomenal job of writing about the Raptors and I really enjoy reading his stuff. There are a couple of podcasts that I listen to. I listened to The Woj Pod, which Adrian Wojnarowski, however you say his name, does every every Monday or Tuesday or something like that. And he’s had some great episodes on and I also listened to Pull Up with CJ McCollum and Jordan Schultz. And I think theirs comes out every Monday as well. Sometimes they have NBA players on as guests, sometimes they just talk about basketball. It’s interesting. Just just an example of why I love it. In the episode that had came out this week CJ McCollum was talking about the things that he, the people that he surrounded himself who helped him, and he said my brother my mummy and he continued on with a few other people and I thought anybody who still refers to his mom his mommy is a is a good guy.

So what do you listen to or watch Andrew?

Andrew Wing 3:15
I, pretty much the same things as you except with Bleacher Report because I’m more part of like the modern stuff, I get updates about bunch of stuff like oh, Kyrie broke this guy’s ankles or look at this big poster. Like just stuff like that as quick little videos. And just because it’s not always watching those games are just fun to see that.

Graham Wing 3:33
So you’re getting that on, you go to the Bleacher Report site, or you’re getting

Andrew Wing 3:37
on the site and the app

Graham Wing 3:38
Okay, so you’re getting notifications on your phone, and then that’s what you’re checking.

Andrew Wing 3:41

Graham Wing 3:41
All right. What else?

Andrew Wing 3:42
Um, yeah, so every Monday I checked the power rankings whenever Zach Lowe, there’s an article I’m always reading. He’s a great writer. I also enjoy watching First Take, I don’t know why it just

Graham Wing 3:55
So who do you like to see on first take?

Andrew Wing 3:56
Oh, Stephen A. Smith.

Graham Wing 3:57
He’s the worst.

Andrew Wing 3:59
I know.

Graham Wing 4:01
But why do you like him?

Andrew Wing 4:03
I think it’s more of an entertainment kind of thing.

Graham Wing 4:06
Do you care at all what he says from a basketball point of view? Or is it just

Andrew Wing 4:10
because I don’t even think he really knows what he’s talking about.

Graham Wing 4:12
I’ve seen some YouTube videos where he just contradicts himself all the time. There’s one video of him talking about how great this person is, and then another video talking about how bad that person is. He does it all the time. But he’s not my cup of tea, that’s for sure.

Andrew Wing 4:25
It’s just, it’s just pure entertainment. And then I also like watching The Jump. They also have a podcast hosted by Rachel Nichols. She sometimes has some other NBA players on usually Tracy McGrady and Scottie Pippen are it on a lot and they just give some great insight about basketball.

Graham Wing 4:42
I’m drawing a blank. I’ve shown you a couple of YouTube videos of Jalen Rose, and that other guy, they’re on some radio show on

Andrew Wing 4:50
Get Up?

Graham Wing 4:51

Andrew Wing 4:52
in the morning?

Graham Wing 4:52
That’s the one in the morning. I know there’s another video. Jalen Rose, I think does a really good job. I’m sharing information. Tracy McGrady’s okay. Paul Pierce is not great. I’m not a fan of the truth.

Andrew Wing 5:04
The Truth

Graham Wing 5:04
I enjoy the truth in real life, but not The Truth. as a as a basketball commentator.

There’s lots of great stuff out there. It really is… That would be probably one of the biggest differences between back in my day and today is that when I was a kid growing up, we had basically the game of the week, I don’t know what they actually called it. NBC had all the rights when I was a teenager. And so there was maybe a game on Saturday, or maybe a game on Sunday, but that was all we ever saw. So the scores were, I definitely had to listen to the radio to find out who won, I had to read the paper. My grandfather always got the paper and he would let me see the box scores or whatever. So I knew what was going on. And then magazines were still a thing. So I can’t remember any of the names. But I, for a period of time I subscribed to a couple of different NBA magazines, and I’m getting information about things that happened essentially a month earlier. But to me, they were news because the Internet didn’t, really wasn’t a thing until I was almost 20 years old.

Andrew Wing 6:04
It’s just hard to access that stuff.

Graham Wing 6:06
Yeah, it was terrible. So you are certainly lucky these days that you are on demand. We had this period of time where when we first got married, and we didn’t have any cable. I didn’t see any games. Now, today, we don’t have cable still. But we can see every single game.

Andrew Wing 6:22

Graham Wing 6:22
because there’s some way to stream it some way to find highlights. There’s every basically if you want to see a game you can, and it’s so it’s truly remarkable. I probably went about a decade without seeing any basketball and I think it was

Andrew Wing 6:37
I couldn’t do that.

Graham Wing 6:38
I think we started watching it again. What year did the Spurs last win? 2015?

Andrew Wing 6:44

Graham Wing 6:45
I remember watching that with you. And that’s kind of when Kawhi Leonard came into his own. He was the Finals MVP that year, correct?

Andrew Wing 6:52

Graham Wing 6:54
And so I probably, like I said, probably want about a decade between the mid 2000s up to 2014 not watching a single basketball game because I really had no way to watch it. And now in the last almost five, four and a half years, I’ve probably watched hundreds of games.

Andrew Wing 7:10
Yeah, it’s not a bad thing.

Graham Wing 7:12
No. So certainly, when we talk about basketball, one of the first topics of conversation is…

Andrew Wing 7:19
the GOAT

Graham Wing 7:20
the goat who’s the greatest of all time. So why don’t we start with you? Who is the goat?

Andrew Wing 7:25
Well, the easy answer is Michael Jordan, obviously.

Graham Wing 7:28
Well, okay. Sure.

Andrew Wing 7:30
Well, my opinion, obviously, but um, I also think Kobe Bryant deserves to be in that discussion as well.

Graham Wing 7:39
He’s not often included.

Andrew Wing 7:40

Graham Wing 7:41
It’s usually usually Jordan or LeBron.

Andrew Wing 7:43

Graham Wing 7:44
Kobe is up there. So why do you think he’s not included so much?

Andrew Wing 7:50
Because I think he was more of a, a one dimensional kind of player. He was just like a pure scorer like you’re talking about like LeBron, even Jordan. He like they were good, LeBron. He like he’s a great playmaker. Jordan was a good playmaker as well, and Kobe was just pure scoring

Graham Wing 8:06
Jordan wasn’t much of a playmaker. He was a great defensive player. Kobe was a good defensive player.

Andrew Wing 8:11
Yeah. And so is the Lebron

Graham Wing 8:12
Right. Again it’s probably gets into the whole aspect of the differences between the generations that the different areas of basketball. That LeBron, I don’t think anybody in the 80s and 90s played, controlled the game like he does.

Andrew Wing 8:27
Oh, no.

Graham Wing 8:27
So he would, because he’s the point he’s essentially the point forward.

Andrew Wing 8:32

Graham Wing 8:32
he’s there to score and then because he’s so involved, he’s getting rebounds. So it’s almost like Russell Westbrook getting the triple double all the time. I mean, LeBron, I don’t know how many triple doubles he’s got. But it’s just gonna be right up there on the All Time list of triple doubles.

Andrew Wing 8:45

Graham Wing 8:45
whereas I’m sure Kobe is not and I would assume Jordan is not because he never had more than what, four or five assists or something like that. So between Jordan and LeBron, you think you think Jordan is the goat?

Andrew Wing 8:58

Graham Wing 8:59

Andrew Wing 9:00
six rings? 6 for 6.

Graham Wing 9:03
Okay, well, then we also have them Why not Bill Russell then? He had 12, 11 whatever it was, 11, 11, 11. So why not Russell?

Andrew Wing 9:16
I don’t really know it’s just, he was a great player. He was I think, yeah, I don’t know.

Graham Wing 9:27
I certainly never saw him play that was before my time ESPN I can’t remember who wrote it but had a great article last week that talked about the, how the big man really aren’t part of the MVP conversation. Wilt Chamberlain was a scoring machine from what I’ve heard and what you read but he’s just, everybody kind of think he was just a freak and it’s, he, anyways and just, he’s not included. Kareem, all time leading scorer there really wasn’t a better score than him if he got the ball. The sky hook was going in

Andrew Wing 10:00
Every time

Graham Wing 10:00
Every time

Andrew Wing 10:01
Every time

Graham Wing 10:01
but he is not included in the conversation. He’s in the top five or 10 for sure.

Andrew Wing 10:07
Oh, yeah.

Graham Wing 10:08
But not number one.

Andrew Wing 10:09

Graham Wing 10:09
So why do you think the big men aren’t included?

Andrew Wing 10:15
Um, I think it’s more just kind of their game. I guess just the way the NBA has evolved in the last I guess probably like 20 years it is all been like guard dominant like you had like in the 80s, 90s like Patrick Ewing. Hakeem Olajuwan and like late 90s you had Shaq and those kind of guys. But then just for the last like 15 – 20 years it’s been all about guards. I think that’s kind of gotten people hooked on just the guards are the best because that’s just how the NBA is turned into now.

Graham Wing 10:42
did you read the article that I’m referring to?

Andrew Wing 10:44
I did not

Graham Wing 10:45
No. But it’s interesting because you basically have the same point that the author had is that yeah, it’s guards are just a lot more exciting.

Andrew Wing 10:52
They are

Graham Wing 10:53
Like Patrick Ewing was a beast to see him in the center him or Olajuwon? Dikembe Mutombo with his finger wagging and stuff. It was unbelievable to see those guys they were so dominant. But once, you know, how many blocks a game do you get 2, 3, 4 like

Andrew Wing 11:08

Graham Wing 11:08
it’s not very many. So you’re waiting for some big block or some big dunk but those will be infrequent. Whereas nowadays the you know, Harden with his step back and Curry with a three from half court and Giannis with the way you know, certainly the big men today Giannis and CAT and the way that they can dribble and drive

Andrew Wing 11:28

Graham Wing 11:28
it’s it is definitely a much different game. It’s probably unfair that Wilt and Kareem and others aren’t included. But that’s the way it is.

Andrew Wing 11:37

Graham Wing 11:38
Well, for me, since I grew up in the Jordan era, he’s the man without a doubt you when he got the ball, there was just no doubt that he was going to win. And it’s interesting to look at the way he scored when he was younger in his career. He averaged 37 or so one year

Andrew Wing 11:58
I think was 37.1

Graham Wing 12:00
Right. But his team was terrible. So in a way, I kind of compare it to Harden these days. Yeah, that he, you, you can’t score like that and win a championship. No, it’s too much counting on one person. So Jordan was an unbelievable talent. But then once he got some other pieces around him, and put it all together he lead that team and you just knew that

Andrew Wing 12:21
He still scored like 33

Graham Wing 12:22
sure, but I just if but it’s just different. That’s true. He did score a lot but it’s just different and Harden I think if they if he keeps scoring 36 points a game or 50 points a game they’re just not going to win

Andrew Wing 12:32

Graham Wing 12:33
they need a better team. And I think Jordan got that better team around him. It’s always interesting to think about what would have happened if he had not left to play baseball.

Andrew Wing 12:43
Another two rings. Eight for eight. That’s what I’m saying

Graham Wing 12:46
Well, it’s interesting. You would kind of assume that but you just you just don’t know.

Andrew Wing 12:51
You know, it’s Jordan. He’s getting another two

Graham Wing 12:54
so why, I guess that would be the kind of the question, and Kobe won five

Andrew Wing 12:58

Graham Wing 12:59
5…3 a three-peat and then two more?

Andrew Wing 13:02

Graham Wing 13:02
Right. So LeBron has won three out of eight

Andrew Wing 13:07

Graham Wing 13:07
so why has LeBron relatively speaking failed?

Andrew Wing 13:13
Um. Well I think it’s the teams he’s been on. He’s he’s been great teams like him the big three of him Wade and Bosh in Miami. That was amazing. And then and then like his team with Kyrie and Kevin Love they were good too but just his team just sometimes they weren’t that good and we’re just ready. Like when he first went to the finals in 2007 he pretty much carried a Cavaliers team with like one all-star in him to the finals and got swept so you didn’t expect him to win that. And then as first finals with the Heat they could have their first season they I guess they just weren’t ready and they lost to a Mavericks team that had Dirk just go nuts in that finals and then the next year they kind of got together they be OKC and then they beat the Spurs and then Kawhi Leonard came up in the next one and the Spurs beat Miami and then he went back to Cleveland and the first championship in Cleveland or their first finals in Cleveland they didn’t win because he had to carry them again. Kyrie got injured and Kevin Love got injured in the playoffs so it was an easy win for Golden State. And then the next year I guess they he played amazing and came overcame a three-one deficit and then the next two years the Warriors had Kevin Duran, and there’s like, no way you can stop them. So I think he just has a lot of bad luck. Which is very unfortunate for him.

Graham Wing 14:32
Sure, but does it have anything to do with him, the type of person that he is? Like, would you want to if you are a basketball player who’s competitive, are you, do you want to go to a team where you’re not the guy? Like if you’re a superstar

Andrew Wing 14:47
I wouldn’t my guy

Graham Wing 14:49
If you’re a as a second stringer or something and you want to go and win a championship, sure, let’s tag along with LeBron

Andrew Wing 14:55

Graham Wing 14:56
But if you are a star or wanna-be superstar I would not want to play with him because he’s the man. I totally see why Kyrie wanted out

Andrew Wing 15:06
oh yeah

Graham Wing 15:06
He’s trying to make up these days

Andrew Wing 15:08

Graham Wing 15:09
Why why would you want to play with them I don’t know why Davis would want to play with them in LA if that’s what they’re talking about

Andrew Wing 15:15
LA’s a disaster

Graham Wing 15:16
No why would you want that? I just don’t understand that and I don’t think Jordan had that that air about him. He, people understood how competitive he was but he also seemed to know he couldn’t win on his own and he and Pippin were just an unbelievable duo. That should be something that we talk about some time is the best duos or big three that the games every had.

Andrew Wing 15:41

Graham Wing 15:41
because I would assume that certainly from a pair Jordan and Pippen. And I don’t know if that you know, maybe Magic and Kareem.

Andrew Wing 15:48
Kobe and Shaq are pretty good.

Graham Wing 15:50
But yeah, anyways, we can talk about that another time. So we’re both in agreement that Jordan’s the GOAT

Andrew Wing 15:56

Graham Wing 15:57
Is LeBron number two?

Andrew Wing 16:01
No. No.

Graham Wing 16:02
So is Kobe number two?

Andrew Wing 16:03
In my opinion Kobe’s number two LeBron three.

Graham Wing 16:07
All right.

Andrew Wing 16:07
It’s pretty good topic.

Graham Wing 16:08
I don’t know who would be two and three. I mean, Lebron’s up there Wilt, Kareem, Shaq. Tim Duncan’s got to be up there somewhere close maybe whether he’s five or six or something. But he’s he’s up there.

Yeah, it’s there’s a lot of people who have been phenomenal but then haven’t had long careers either. So that’s always something to take into consideration. So anyways, we’re both Jordan supporters. Unfortunately Jordan has not been a good executive

Andrew Wing 16:36
No Charlotte’s not doing too well

Graham Wing 16:38
No and he’s he hasn’t they haven’t drafted well they haven’t trade, done very good trades. He has not been a good executive. But I find that with a lot of those ex-superstars like Magic I think is terrible for the Lakers as well.

Anyways, alright, well, just as we talked about the goat and the differences between the generations. That certainly is it is hard to compare.

Andrew Wing 17:00

Graham Wing 17:01
You look at the way when I see some of the video clips from Wilt Chamberlain he looked like he was a giant, like he was 10 feet tall around guys that were five feet tall. He was just so dominant so it’s hard to compare the way he was with the with the rest of his league with anybody today because who who is there today that is so overpowering compared to everybody else?

Andrew Wing 17:27
There really isn’t

Graham Wing 17:27
There isn’t. There’s there’s good there’s amazing players.

Andrew Wing 17:29

Graham Wing 17:30
But the the physical presence that he had compared to the other people in the league at the time was just as dramatic. It’s not there. And then certainly the way the game has changed us when I was growing up. It was, probably the most famous thing was the pick and roll with John Stockton and Karl Malone like no you couldn’t stop it. But it was the point guard, a true point guard who was trying to pass the ball to the scorer, the scorer being Karl Malone who set the, they set the pick they rolled and they got the basket. Points in the paint right so totally different. So Ewing was down low, Olajuwan was down low and then certainly starting with Jordan and then going along through a lot of the other people getting is the the generation of the three-point started.

Andrew Wing 18:12

Graham Wing 18:12
And now you look at it and I mean who are who are probably Who do you think the top other than LeBron who are the biggest stars in the league right now?

Andrew Wing 18:20
Kevin Durant James Harden

Graham Wing 18:22
Steph Curry

Andrew Wing 18:22
Steph Curry, Giannis and

Graham Wing 18:25
Yeah. And and they all, other than Giannis, but Durant, Curry and Harden can all shoot threes, no problem.

Andrew Wing 18:30

Graham Wing 18:31
Certainly Harden and Curry are just incredible.

Andrew Wing 18:33

Graham Wing 18:33
So it’s a totally different game. So it’s really hard to compare the generations because it’s just the game is played so differently. And then, of course, the rule changes. Well, I think when I first started liking basketball, it was the late 80s. And so that was the pistons

Andrew Wing 18:49
Yep, that was that the

Graham Wing 18:50
Bad Boys

Andrew Wing 18:51
Bad Boys.

Graham Wing 18:52
Bill Lambier, and Isaiah Thomas and Joe Dumars and all those guys. And man, they were the bad boys, because they were so tough. I can’t imagine what it would be like if they tried to play today. Like how the longest he found the longest play would be five seconds long before there was a foul.


Constant, in today’s NBA would be constant fouling. So it’s just again, it’s so hard to compare those generations. Nowadays, the rules are set up so that you almost can’t touch anybody because

Andrew Wing 19:21
they want offensive.

Graham Wing 19:22

Andrew Wing 19:23
Which isn’t bad. Like, well, I love offense,

Unknown 19:24
But back in the day, I remember game I give it got to 80 or 90 points that that was a good game. And nowadays everybody’s scoring 120. Yeah. And if it gets to 130 or 140, it’s not that big a deal. I guess. Just it’s like, wow, that was a high scoring game. But it’s not that unusual

Andrew Wing 19:40
It happens.

Graham Wing 19:41
But we’re talking 50 or 60 points more than the Bad Boys era.

Andrew Wing 19:46

Graham Wing 19:46
Yeah. So the definitely offense rules for sure. Which is still kind of funny because what is you know does Is there much in a game that gets a bigger cheer than a block? Like a good block? What’s your favorite place so far this year? The best play in the NBA this year is…

Andrew Wing 20:10
Oh um double block. Jason Tatum that Kawhi Leonard and Danny green did

Graham Wing 20:14
Exactly so the your favorite play this year, and it’s awesome, your favorite play this year is a block, is a defensive play.

Andrew Wing 20:23
It was pretty hype. It’s pretty hype.

Graham Wing 20:25
Yes I I remember seeing it too It was amazing but it’s interesting and it’s going to be right up there on I don’t know whether it’ll be top 10 or not but i mean i think it should be. It was an amazing play but it’s a defensive play

Andrew Wing 20:37

Graham Wing 20:38
but it’s not going to get the it’s do so to speak because it’s gonna be it’s a defensive play. The plays of the year are going to be somebody breaking ankles somebody, Harden with some crazy step back three. It’s a, yeah. Even though defense is still a good block is probably one of the most hyped plays that there is.

Andrew Wing 20:57

Graham Wing 20:57
but it’s not going to get its credit because it’s all about offense

Andrew Wing 21:00

Graham Wing 21:01
so yeah it’s a lot different and certainly the game is a lot faster these days

Andrew Wing 21:07
yeah it’s all about I guess kind of all started with probably Mike D’Antoni and the Phoenix Suns just run and gun like the seven second shot clock. Just get out there score as fast as you can and get back on defense and go again. Fast break every time. That’s what they teach high school. All my coach wants to do in high school just fast break every time you always work on fast break drills because that’s easy ways to score

Graham Wing 21:26
Yeah it’s hard very hard to defend the fast break

Andrew Wing 21:29

Graham Wing 21:30
and you did so if you’re faster than the other team you’re going to score. If you give them a chance to set up and defend you

Andrew Wing 21:36
It’s harder, you can, if you have good players you can still score was much harder to move the ball around and

Graham Wing 21:41
yeah so it’s interesting now though because Dantonio, Dantonio, D’Antoni has almost gone the exact opposite

Andrew Wing 21:49
yeah it takes as long as you can get it to Harden and iso or Paul

Graham Wing 21:52

Andrew Wing 21:53
isolation and with like five seconds left in the shot clock hardened setback or three or drives or passes to someone to shoot

Graham Wing 22:01
That was another article I read recently and again I can’t remember where it was but they the average play has under two dribbles. Not the average play the average, person before shot is made, the person shooting. The average dribbles is like one and a half dribbles on a shot and Harden was like eight

Andrew Wing 22:21
He just stands there, rocking back and forth. dribbling, dribbling. And then finally you take some shots

Graham Wing 22:26
It’s it’s truly remarkable. I before this last couple of seasons, I I appreciate it hardens talent, but didn’t really care too much about them. But it’s amazing because he needs a millimeter of space.


So he’s, he’s at the top of the key or he’s out front of the line for the three point line. And he’s dibbling back and forth and he pushes forward and he’s just waiting for that, that brief moment, that millisecond, that small little gap where he can step back and take the shot. Now he’s not shooting that well right now, percentage wise, but it’s still, when he gets that shot, it is remarkable.

Anyways, so it is yeah, the Jordan is the GOAT but it really is hard to compare between the generations because the game is so different. I think there’s no question that NBA players today are far better athletes than they used to be.

Andrew Wing 23:19
Oh yeah.

Graham Wing 23:19

Andrew Wing 23:21
wear and tear on the body is crazy.

Graham Wing 23:22
Yeah. I you when you see when you watch the NBA insiders the Inside the NBA guys. I mean, Shaq hobbles around, Barkley hobbles around I mean these guys just were pounded into the ground. I wonder if this current generation because they’re more fit, they’ve got better staff, sports science I think is a hilarious term, but the doctors, the trainers, that are doing everything for them, all of the massage, the heat therapy, the cold therapy, the whatever therapy they’ve got. I wonder if this current crop of players will end up being healthier as they’re older because they’ve got better support around them

Andrew Wing 24:01
Seems like it

Graham Wing 24:02
Well that’s probably all we’ve got for that for this episode. Just looking at what our plans are for future episodes. We are definitely going to take some time to talk about current games, the games that we just saw our games that are coming up. What are you excited about for this week?

Andrew Wing 24:18
Raptors at sixers

Graham Wing 24:20
Who’s gonna win?

Andrew Wing 24:20
Raptors obviously

Graham Wing 24:22
You think so? I can’t stand envied but man is he dominant. We’ll have to see how that goes. We’re going to talk about kind of different positional things we talked about the GOAT but what about the best at each position? So you know if if Jordan’s the GOAT then he’s got to be the best shooting guard. But then who’s the best point guard? What is a point guard is it is are we talking the modern definition of a point guard or what was a traditionally a point guard. The best center? We’re going to talk about those sorts of things. Going to talk about sixth man. I think we both have pretty strong feelings that Lou Williams should not be a sixth man. That’s kind of a I don’t know. That’s garbage.

Andrew Wing 25:01
That is that is pure garbage.

Graham Wing 25:03
We’ll talk about some rookies. We’ll talk about last year’s Rookie of the Year race between Ben Simmons, Jason Tatum and Donovan Mitchell and what we thought about that. We are both Kawhi Leonard fans probably probably

Andrew Wing 25:16
The claw

Graham Wing 25:17
Probably starting with that 2014 final yet, but watching him in San Antonio. I guess I didn’t mention that at the beginning. I am a San Antonio fan. We’re going to talk about the San Antonio process. Popovich and his team, I don’t remember I guess it must have been the Warriors game, Warriors in Philadelphia. They played the other day.

Andrew Wing 25:34

Graham Wing 25:35
And they, the broadcast team showed a photo of the team championship from I think it was 2014

Andrew Wing 25:42
The Spurs

Graham Wing 25:43

Andrew Wing 25:43
Oh, no. It was like 2002 or 2003

Graham Wing 25:45
Oh, was it that old? Okay anyways and Steve Kerr was on the team and and Popovich was the coach and

Andrew Wing 25:51
Mike Budenholzer and Philadelphia, Brett brown

Graham Wing 25:56
Brett Brown were there in the photo and just look at that system, the players and the coaches, management that have been, that have gone through there and are now stars. It really is remarkable what they’ve done. And so we’ll tie that into Kawhi and why on earth would he want to leave that? Other than Drake right.

Andrew Wing 26:15
Oh no

Graham Wing 26:15
We’ll also talk about our favorite broadcasting teams. I think we’re both fans of Jeff Van Gundy. JVG is fantastic. Marv’s get a little old, but so I certainly remember him, the voice of the NBA for so long. We’ll talk about some local teams that we’ve seen as well. We’ll talk about just again, continuing on this thought of a different NBA, the three point shooting how that’s different now than it used to be. Along with the broadcasting, we’ll talk about some sideline reporters. We’ll probably take a couple of minutes to talk about the best play this year being the the double block but we’ll

Andrew Wing 26:54
so good

Graham Wing 26:55
What about some other plays that we’ve seen in games that just really do almost make you stand up and shout because they were just so amazing. We’ll talk a little bit about James Harden and what an incredible run he’s on and I’m sure there’ll be a lot of other things that we talked about anything you want to say before we close

Andrew Wing 27:17

Graham Wing 27:19
All right oh what about and I guess maybe for some of the younger listeners that we might have Andrew your said you’d also talked about a few things if they came up from one way or another

Andrew Wing 27:28
Yeah if we got some time we can talk about some 2K. I have two YouTubers that I love to watch. Not, well one of the 2K Youtubers, I’m sure you’ve heard of him for some of the young listeners, um Chris Smoove. It’s great. Ad then Mike Korzemba not really a great basketball mind. He’s just, just like First Take, pretty entertaining, so we have some time I can talk about that for a bit.

Graham Wing 27:50
I can’t stand Mike Korzemba. What if all these videos about what if so and so was drafted by this person instead? And it’s all just made up. But Andrew watches it as if it’s as if it’s the Bible or something. It’s amazing. I do not play video games at all so Andrew will definitely be the the 2K guy, the guru here. So one thing I do want to emphasize though, is that Andrew remember it’s not real.

Andrew Wing 28:09
Scored 102 points in my career. I’m pretty happy about that

Graham Wing 28:18
102 points in the game. It’s not I have to keep reminding him. It’s not real. So anyways, I think that’s it for this week. We hope to do this weekly. We’re getting a website that we’re going to get up and running. You can leave some comments about the episode we’ll share that in in future episodes. And if you have any suggestions for us, the contact information will be on the site as well. So I think that’s it for this week. Stay tuned for future episodes of The Step Back.

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