The Step Back – Episode 2 – transcript

Graham Wing 0:01
Hello and welcome to the second episode of The Step Back Podcast. I’m Graham

Andrew Wing 0:06
and I’m Andrew

Graham Wing 0:07
and we’re here to talk about basketball. Our first episode seemed to go well. We’ve shared it with a few people, got some good feedback. So we’re here to try another one. In the last week, we’ve worked on the website. So if you go to, you can find the, all of the episodes, the transcripts from the episodes and you can actually listen to the podcast. There’s links there for iTunes and for Podcast Republic, and just the general RSS feed so you can listen to that as well.

We brought up a couple of things last week that we just wanted to follow up on this week. I had mentioned to Andrew about one of the radio shows I said it was Jalen Rose and some other guy. It’s David Jacoby. It’s the Jalen and Jacoby show, I don’t know if you’ve seen any of that. Andrew

Davis Jacoby

It’s really good.

Yeah, he was just apparently some producer at ESPN and he’s worked himself up to onto an on air talent. And I think the two of them together a really good. So that’s a couple of guys that I watch from time to time, they do a podcast and videos. And I think they’re quite good together. And I just wanted to bring that up because I I couldn’t think of David Jacoby’s name. And then we also talked about basketball, kind of what it was like, I went decade without watching it, because there really wasn’t a way to watch it. But I neither of us really gave much of an explanation as to why we like basketball or when we started to like it. So we just wanted to take a minute to talk about that. I liked basketball, probably I think I started in 1987. Somehow or other I got clued into David Robinson, who at the time was seven foot, seven one or whatever it was. And I knew that he had been drafted by the Spurs and that he was going into the Navy. And I don’t know why, but there was just something about him, he was clean cut, he was seemed to be a hardware worker, super tall, good basketball player and I just liked him. So he had a two year commitment to to be in the Navy and then came into the NBA for the first time in 1989. I remember when I was at so I would have been 12 to 14 or so in that range. And I had a T shirt that had David Robinson on it, and I just really liked him. And I mentioned that I had also been following the Bad Boys and that kind of just started at all. I like David Robinson, was watching the Pistons win and just how can you not like basketball?! There’s just so many great and exciting plays. I’m fairly tall myself and so I did play a fair amount in elementary school and high school. I didn’t go any further than that but I’m just it’s just naturally because of being tall I played quite a bit and I just love the game. It’s wonderful. What about you Andrew?

Andrew Wing 2:50
So obviously I’d heard of good players like Jordan just because he’s just such an icon in sports and also I’ve heard of Kobe, had heard of Kobe Bryant so like that was kind of my first introduction to basketball just kind of my own knowledge and there

Did you, so was Kobe, he was still playing when you got interested?


oh and we also had the opportunity to go to I think I just a couple of Rpators games when I was younger This was before they were as good as they are now, before they started making their playoff runs last couple years and and then after just playing at school. So those three things just added together I just start to like it and here I am now

Graham Wing 3:34
And what’s your motto now?

Andrew Wing 3:37
Ball is life

Graham Wing 3:39
Above everything else

Andrew Wing 3:41

Graham Wing 3:42
Above family

Andrew Wing 3:44

Graham Wing 3:44
Above girls


Above video games

Andrew Wing 3:48
Depends on what they are

Graham Wing 3:49
2K is ball though.

Andrew Wing 3:50
2K is ball

Graham Wing 3:52
So anyways, we both really do like basketball and and we’ve got another brother that likes it as well. My daughter gets into it because of the family and then mother loves to be with the family. And so she does her best to be part of it. So it really is a family affair.

Well this week the big news were what?

Andrew Wing 4:14

Graham Wing 4:15
Trade deadline was when?

Andrew Wing 4:17
Thursday at three

Graham Wing 4:18
Thursday at three Eastern noon Pacific. And I guess it all started about a week earlier with the trade of Prozingis to the Mavericks from the Knicks and the Knicks getting DeAndre Jordan and Dennis Smith Jr. and some others back. Any particular thoughts about that trade?

Andrew Wing 4:39
I thought it was a good trade on the Knicks part. Seeing as just Doncic has played so well this season. And I guess with him playing well, they’re not really going to be getting like lottery picks anymore, or they’ll they’ll still be kind of high up but not as high as they have been. So they won’t have a chance to be getting a big star out of the draft. So I’m thinking that that was probably close to the best they could have, they could have done at this time. So to get a big star to go along with Doncic. So I think that was really good for them.

Graham Wing 5:08
Yeah, and I mean, think about Doncic and Porzingis. Prozingis comes back from his surgery and is anything close to what it was before, what a powerful two players they’re going to have there

Andrew Wing 5:17
That’d be fun to watch

Graham Wing 5:17
You put in a couple of good supporting players around them. The Mavs, I mean Mark Cuban’s done it again. It was almost like he was on Shark Tank. And he’s like, I’m buying it. He’s invested in the future of the Mavs. And he’s going to do well

Now certainly, we’re interested in the East because of the Raptors and the other teams. The 76ers made a couple of trades. They got Tobias Harris from the Clippers and then they also got Mirotic? No, that he went to the Bucs. Who else are they got rid of Fultz?

Andrew Wing 5:45
Yep. Trade to Orlando

Graham Wing 5:46
So there were a couple of issues and then I guess they also got Malachi Richardson from the Raptors as well or at least the rights to him. I don’t know if they’re actually going to keep them.

Andrew Wing 5:54

Graham Wing 5:55
But Tobias Harris was the big deal there. Now we saw them play on to Tuesday night. No.

Tobias wasn’t there.

Tobias wasn’t there Tuesday night. We saw them play Friday night against Denver. And they they did win. But I just really wasn’t that impressed. I thought this new lineup together really wasn’t doing anything. I know it was their, Some of them the first time of playing together. But they played today and you were looking at the scores were,

Andrew Wing 6:21
yeah, they. They beat the Lakers today, 143 – 120 and Redick, and Harris and Butler all had just over 20, and then Embiid had 37 and Simmons had double digit assists. So it just seemed like a great game between their whole starting five, which is what I think Philadelphia wants

Graham Wing 6:41
100 and, what did you say, 140

Andrew Wing 6:42

Graham Wing 6:43
143 points. So I guess the my initial impression was that trade really wasn’t that impressive. But wow, I guess if they’re going to be able to score 140 points and somehow keep 4 starters, at 20 or above. That’s, that’s impressive.

Andrew Wing 6:57
That is really impressive.

Graham Wing 6:59
So we’ll see where that takes them. Now I mentioned Mirotic, he went to the Bucks. I don’t really have much of an opinion on mirror, tick. Any any thoughts on him?

Andrew Wing 7:09
He’s just another good player that can shoot threes. That’s just going to make them walk even more deadly.

Graham Wing 7:13
And then of course, you’re probably most excited about the trade that the Raptors made.

Andrew Wing 7:17
Yes, the Raptors got Marc Gasol and traded away Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright and CJ Miles

Graham Wing 7:22
Now. You were a CJ fan

Andrew Wing 7:24
Yes, I will miss him.

Graham Wing 7:26
You liked his PJs or what?

Andrew Wing 7:28
PJ’s, his threes. It was good it’s all good. I will miss him I will definitely miss him.

Graham Wing 7:34
Now the general consensus around the NBA seems to be like it was a that it was a very good trade by the Raptors, that Masai Ujiri really

Andrew Wing 7:43
It was

Graham Wing 7:43
got good value for it. Now I, I, before this season I probably would have 100% agree with that because I was not a JV fan I think this year coming off the bench he’s played wonderfully so I’m not sure if we’re going to miss him or not. Delon Wright I don’t really didn’t really care for either way and I was never a CJ fan. We’d just sit there and watch a game and you’d be like oh he’s going to get a three and then he’d missed and I’d be like yeah I told you so

Andrew Wing 8:07
No he’d get threes. He’s, he was playing well recently

Graham Wing 8:12
So it just whatever so all three of the team all three of the big teams in the East the Raptors the Bucks and the 76ers all made a trade. Any particular thoughts on those three or did any of them make a… who who made the best trade?

Andrew Wing 8:27
Well he said three you can’t forget about the Celtics

Graham Wing 8:29
Well they

Andrew Wing 8:30
They didn’t make a trade but there’s they’re still top of the East

Graham Wing 8:33
okay so with these four teams who’s better position now?

Andrew Wing 8:38
I don’t really know. They they all made really, well three of the four, made really good trades and I think it really just made things even out and I just think this is gonna be really fun to watch those four teams fight off in the semi finals and then just to see who gets out of that. Like semi finals and Eastern Conference Finals for the East playoffs will be really fun to watch really looking forward to it

Graham Wing 9:00
It looks like probably that the 76ers had the best outcome of it. If they, if

Andrew Wing 9:07
So far

Graham Wing 9:08
Based on this one game that are they played two games. But this one game from today, if they can click like that, and play well, they’re going to be hard to beat, the offense is going to be very hard to beat. The Raptors if they feel like they’ve got a better defensive presence in the middle, which is going to space the floor up and, and he can go out and shoot threes, which is going to space the floor better. I mean, that could be a big benefit to them. And then the Bucks I mean, they were already doing, everybody, I think the Bucks the Bucks have, you know, whatever they say lightning in a bottle. That, I don’t think their team is as good as they’re playing. I think if you put together all those players and they went somewhere else, they probably wouldn’t be playing as well as they are. But they’re in the right system with the right coach

Andrew Wing 9:48
Good coach

Graham Wing 9:48
with playing with a star that they have confidence in. And they’re all just they’ve all just risen to the to the occasion. So I’m not sure really, I’m probably least enamored with the Bucks. It’s probably Philadelphia and Toronto that I think are probably the best two teams but I still think based on the way Toronto beat them this week I still think that they’re probably going to be the best. But I guess only time will tell.

So after the trade deadline I saw a thing on about the 10 best odds to win the NBA Finals. So this was after the trade deadline. Sso the number one team is obviously still the Warriors. They have Two to five odds of winning which means that they’re just it’s a good bet that they’re going to win so you don’t get a lot of payback on it. But then the next four of the top five all with the same 10 to 1 odds are the Bucks, the Celtics, the Raptors and the 76ers. So it’s interesting that we always talk about the West but from a Las Vegas odds perspective anyways the East was where it’s at.

Andrew Wing 10:55

Graham Wing 10:55
And then comes a bunch of West teams as well some for some reason the Lakers are still in the top 10 at 40 to 1 which has got to be just 100% that LeBron factor

Andrew Wing 11:04
yes team is not playing well

Graham Wing 11:07
No they’re not going to win. Houston is is in sixth place which again they’re not going to win but that’s just got to be the Harden factor. So anyways it’s interesting that even though we talked about the West so much that the the four teams in the East are all right there at 10 to one so it’s it’s it’s going to be interesting and I don’t… On the one hand it’s neat to see a dynasty and to have the Warriors win again is

it’s not

it’s not? what do you mean?

Explain yourself

Andrew Wing 11:36
I want, I want another team. I want, well i think the finals should be better this year because the last two years have been or last year at least was just a really undermanned Cavaliers team that was just absolutely carried by LeBron and going to the finals I think most of us knew that the Cavaliers had no chance to be in the Warriors even the year before when the Warriors first got Kevin Durant for that first finals with him. I just knew that they weren’t gonna win. They were just too good and I think that most of the teams in the East, whoever moves on, I think they have a good, they may not necessarily win, but I think they can put up a better fight then we’ve had the last couple finals

Graham Wing 12:18
Oh yeah I agree with that. It would be nice to change. I don’t know. It’s interesting because you know the the Bulls winning back to or three peat and then a couple years off and then a three peat again and when the Lakers won a three peat and then a repeat I don’t think there was the same talk really about being tired of all this.

Andrew Wing 12:37
It’s just the Warriors I guess just everyone just is they don’t like how stacked the team is it just it’s not fair.

Graham Wing 12:43
I certainly appreciate the Warriors talent but they’re just a bunch of whiners. Like it’s not I really don’t find it fun watching them because Draymond Green is just angry nonstop. He got kicked out of the game last night? No, the night on Friday night against the suns

Andrew Wing 12:59

Graham Wing 13:00
Durant what, just play. He’s so good but then he’s whining about the media coverage. Well this is why you’re so popular because the media is covering you. And then Curry makes his threes which he supposed to do that’s his job. And then he acts like he’s just the best thing ever.

Andrew Wing 13:17
Kind of is

Graham Wing 13:18
He’s not the best

Andrew Wing 13:18
At 3 point shooting he kind of is

Graham Wing 13:20
Right but then just play it. Let’s let the scoring speak for itself. I’m just not… I certainly appreciate their talent but I’m just not a fan of of the way that they play. It’s just I really would like to see somebody else in there and it looks so close last year with the Rockets taking them to seven and it just didn’t happen.

Andrew Wing 13:39

Graham Wing 13:39
It’s certainly not going to happen this year with the Rockets But no, you never know in the in the West who’s going to come out but it certainly does seem like it’s going to be the Warriors but then like you said I think the there well whoever comes out of the East will put up a bigger fight than the Cavs did last year for sure.

Andrew Wing 13:54
Definitely no sweeps.

Graham Wing 13:56
All right. Any other last thoughts about the trades

Andrew Wing 14:00
Just one more thing about the Raptors. Because you said that the consensus in the NBA just seemed like it was a good trade for Marc Gasol, after watching the game I think was last night against the Knicks I can definitely agree with that. Because he seemed like really composed. It seems like and he was on the floor like the offense it flowed a lot and I know that was his first game but it was really impressive to see how well the team worked with him on the floor. Like just just his basketball IQ is is just so high and I just it was fun to watch just the first game. I really think that as he gets to improve they’ll be they’ll be fun to watch

There was one defensive play that they have seen replayed a couple of times where he was straight up right under the basket somebody was trying to go there and he kept following the player around it was just you know, probably around the defensive circle or offensive circle whatever it is that they call it, and was straight up and then the person just took this terrible shot and it went out of bounds. It just it was excellent defense. So if that’s the sort of protection they’re going to get down low and he can go out and shoot the three which as I said will space the floor then yeah I think it will be a good trade for sure

Former Defensive Player of the Year

Graham Wing 15:09
Now he’s getting up there in age but he seems to be in good shape. So who knows? We’ll see how it goes.

Ah, well, the next big thing this week or I guess it was a little earlier in the week I think it was on Tuesday

Andrew Wing 15:20
It was Thursday, Thursday

Graham Wing 15:21
It was Thursday as well? Ah jeez, everything was happening on Thursday was the all star game draft. Now I didn’t watch any of it either either live or on replay. Did you catch any of it?

Andrew Wing 15:30
I watched it on replay

Graham Wing 15:32
You’re watching the replay, I guess I saw one highlight of when jet Giannis was talking about tampering. I saw that that kind of highlight about wanting Durant on his team or the want, Davis or whoever it was on his team, and that was tampering which was kind of funny. But that’s the only highlight that I saw. The rest of it was all just reading articles in that so we’ve got the listing here in front of us, Team LeBron and Giannis. We don’t need to go over the list of players. You can find all that online, but any particular highlights that you want to share?

Andrew Wing 16:04
Um, yeah, so I’m just looking at the list. And I thought this when I first saw I didn’t watch the draft either. So when I saw it on my phone for the first time. Looking at team LeBron, team Giannis it just gave me a different perspective about who these players are. Team LeBron like his team is completely stacked. He has totally has just these fantastic players. Like his starting five is Durant, Irving, Leonard and Harden and himself. Like that’s just fantastic. And even his bench is really good. And I’m just it looks like he’s out there looking to win. And then Team Giannis, his team still good but I kind of like what he did. Because he chose mostly first time all stars or people that aren’t as popular in the league as others. And I just thought that was really nice just trying to get them into. He’s not looking to win. He’s just seems like he’s just looking to go out there and like have fun and just kind of shows different personalities. And that’s kind of what I got out of it.

Right. Yeah. If you look at the listing of people who are stars, LeBron’s got himself, LeBron, Durant, Irving Leonard, Harden, Davis, Thompson isn’t at the same level, but he’s right up there, Lillard is right up there Westbrook so there’s probably nine players that are superstars are pretty close to it. And then you look at Team Giannis, there’s Giannis, Curry, Embiid and George for sure, maybe Kemba Walker. But then you get Middleton, Jokic, Simmons, who

he got traded Simmons got traded

Graham Wing 17:31

Andrew Wing 17:31
we have, he has Westbrook

Graham Wing 17:32
Okay, well, sorry. That’s right. Blake Griffin, D’Angelo Russell, you know They’re really, there’s like nine stars or superstars on Team LeBron and there’s four, maybe five on Team Giannis. So it definitely seems to be, it definitely seems that that team LeBron is the better team by far.

Andrew Wing 17:55

Graham Wing 17:55
Now, the all star game is generally usually a close broadcast, close game, so it’ll be interesting to see how they actually play against each other. Based on the lineups it’s team I don’t even know how it compares with the top scorers, so Hardens number one

Andrew Wing 18:14
Curry’s number two

Graham Wing 18:15
Curry’s number two, and then Durant’s number three?

Andrew Wing 18:17
Yep, and then Kawhi and then Davis

Graham Wing 18:20
So like for the top five are all on Team LeBron, like it could end up being 250 to 150 or something. It’s crazy. Well we’ll see how it goes. I generally don’t watch the all star game itself. It’s just not fun. I’m looking forward to, personally, I’m looking forward to all star Saturday night. I love all this activities on Saturday night but I’m just not a fan of the game at all. What about you?

Andrew Wing 18:45
I love the game and I love Saturday night

Graham Wing 18:45
because ball is life right

Andrew Wing 18:46
Ball is life

Graham Wing 18:48
All right well that’s that’s coming up next weekend right that starts Friday night. There’s the the

Andrew Wing 18:55
Team World

Graham Wing 18:56
Rising stars challenge or whatever they call it and Saturday night is the the best part, and then Sunday’s the all star game. So there won’t be I don’t know when they the last games are played this week. But we’re going to certainly have a bunch of

Andrew Wing 19:07
Thursday’s last night

Graham Wing 19:08
Thursday and so then they don’t probably don’t start again till Tuesday or Wednesday,

Andrew Wing 19:12

Graham Wing 19:13
Thursday really they get a whole week off well there you go. So anyways we’ll have a bit of a law but next week for The Step Back podcast we can talk a bit about the all star game and certainly All Star Saturday night

All right one thing that came out this week that we definitely wanted to highlight before we get into some of the just the regular games that we watched was that LaVar Ball

Andrew Wing 19:35
I love that man

Graham Wing 19:36
the famous

Andrew Wing 19:37
no I don’t not really

Graham Wing 19:38
the famous LaVar Ball came out who had an interview on Fox Sports One’s show Undisputed with Shannon Sharpe and was talking about his son and he just made some absolute ridiculous comments so I didn’t know if we wanted to cover that at all Andrew.

Andrew Wing 19:56
yeah just a minute

So he LaVar Ball was asked Are you saying Lonzo’s better than LeBron? and he replied yes

Graham Wing 20:08
so that’s just whack

Papa, Papa Ball is saying that his son Lonzo is better than LeBron

Andrew Wing 20:15
why would Why would he say that? That’s horrible it’s not even not even close

Graham Wing 20:20
You wonder if he really believes it does does you know it’s it’s your son You know I love you I want to be if I’m confident in you but like you’re not you’re not better than so and so

Andrew Wing 20:30

Graham Wing 20:30
so is he saying that to build up his son is he saying that because he really believes it or is he just trying to get attention

Andrew Wing 20:38
all of that

Graham Wing 20:40
all right he said a few other wack things he he said. When the lake if the Lakers trade my son they’ll never get a championship LeBron James without Lonzo is not going to win a championship in LA. I guarantee that. So I mean that’s just

Andrew Wing 20:53
The Lakers are better winning championship without Lonzo.

Graham Wing 20:56
I’m I am not a Lonzo Ball guy. I think he’s a terrible shooter. I think he’s got some talent with passing the ball. But other people can do that. I just don’t think he’s worth anything. Throwing him into the Pelicans, potential trade for Davis. Pelicans should just say no, you can keep up. I think he’s absolutely useless.

And then there were a couple other things he said. I guess one more that we’ll highlight. He said…

He said. The fact that Lonzo was not playing now those players you thought were good, ain’t that good. Brandon Ingram struggling, Hart struggling, Kuzma’s struggling. They’re all struggling if Lonzo ain’t in the picture.

So Lonzo’s injured right now or was?

Andrew Wing 21:41
He got. He got injured against the Rockets. He rolled his ankle. So he’s

Graham Wing 21:43
Oh, that’s right. Yeah, we saw that right.

Andrew Wing 21:46
And so now LaVar’s saying that because he’s out, the Lakers are doing even worse, because Lonzo’s not playing

Graham Wing 21:51
but LeBron’s back.

Andrew Wing 21:52

Graham Wing 21:53
But because Lorenzo’s out the team’s doing bad.

I wonder we so what do you think Lonzo feels about what his dad says.

Andrew Wing 22:03
I have I obviously don’t know what he feels. But if I were him, I would be so embarrassed. Like, just when these kind of comments about him come out in the news. And I guess when your teammates see it, and you show up to practice the next day? And like, like, do they, I wonder if, like, do they talk about him like just these crazy comments about him being better than LeBron, that his teammates are better when he’s on the floor. Like him just walking to practice practice can’t imagine I can’t imagine there’s some air and the practice facility. I just think that like, things may not be good between them. I don’t really know. But I’d be so embarrassed if I were him.

Graham Wing 22:36
I don’t get it. I asked like what what is he trying to prove? Because I can’t imagine anybody on the team, whether it’s players or executives, like it. So all he’s doing is causing problems if anything.

Andrew Wing 22:50

Graham Wing 22:51
You know, because people don’t know if that’s just LaVar Ball saying that himself or if Lonzo has said something to him so I think it probably creates a disunity on the team. And just he’s just running his big mouth for no reason. Yyeah I I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why he does it. I just think it’s crazy. but anyways but that’s too we’ve given him too much attention already so let’s move on

Andrew Wing 23:16
That’s what he wants

Graham Wing 23:16
Let’s take a couple minutes and just review some of the games that we saw this week so on Monday night we saw some of the Rockets at the Suns and that’s, Harden scored 41 that night. It was either that day or after scoring that 41 that Kobe came out and said that based on his usage that the Rockets won’t win a championship. Now that doesn’t seem like it’s that an outrageous a statement but

it’s not totally agree

for why can’t he win like that

Andrew Wing 23:47
because basketball is a team sport it’s not about one person and if just one guys are throwing the ball the whole time one guy you just they just can’t do it on their own just to he can’t carry his team to the finals he just can’t

Graham Wing 23:59
but I think to be the you know the other side of it he’s doing stuff that nobody’s ever done before.

Andrew Wing 24:04
He is

Graham Wing 24:05
so is that not

Andrew Wing 24:06
lovely to watch

Graham Wing 24:07
Is it not possible that other people could that is it possible that he can be doing something that other people haven’t done and therefore they do have a chance of winning

Andrew Wing 24:16
we’ll see come playoff time.

Graham Wing 24:18
One thing that I saw in an article that was talking about this was that you know, I don’t they determine usage it’s based on the other points you score and assist on that how, how involved you are with the ball in your team winning and Kobe did not win a championship in his six highest usage seasons. So the seasons where he was used the most where he was touching the ball the most he, they did not win. I would assume they would probably be similar stats for Jordan. I mean, he didn’t win when he averaged 37, 38 points a game but when he was averaging 30 to 32, he was more likely to to win. Now it doesn’t seem like he’s still scoring a lot, but you just have as you say, it’s a team sport. You got to get other people involved. So it is great. I think it’s great to watch him, but yeah, I don’t think anybody really thinks that the Rockets are going to win. So I think those Vegas odds that we talked about earlier were a little odd that they show the Rockets in sixth place that of the sixth most likely team to win the championship. But I don’t think so.

On Tuesday, we watched the Raptors at the Sixers. The Raptors Won. You know it was before the trade deadline. So there was no JV because he was still out injured. But it was pretty much a complete 76ers team. So any thoughts about that game?

Andrew Wing 25:38
Raptors kind of start off poorly. And then sorry, know that they start off really well. They were up by like 20 at the end of the first quarter. Philadelphia came kind of close in the fourth quarter. But Raptors are able to pull away and take a good win. And that was and then like four hours after that game was when they made their trade for Tobias Harris. It was very early morning

Graham Wing 25:59
Yeah. Wasn’t a trade deadline

Andrew Wing 26:00
was very early morning of Wednesday,

Graham Wing 26:02
right? So maybe I’m sure it was they probably been working on it. But they went yikes, if we can’t beat the Raptors, we need to do something to win, right?


On Wednesday. I didn’t see any games. But you saw some of the Wizards at the Bucks

Andrew Wing 26:18
It was just incredible to see how well the Bucks play. The system that Mike Budenholzer is is running with them is just fantastic. There. Everyone is playing well. I think we mentioned this earlier. It’s so much fun. It’s so much fun to watch. But then again, they’re a threat to my Raptors, so I don’t like this at all.

Graham Wing 26:37
Yeah, it’s it’s great for Milwaukee. I mean, it’s a small market team and there’s even talking about that I think Davis and his supposed list of teams that he’d be willing to go to Milwaukee was on it. So that’s just phenomenal for them to be able to build such a following and to be a place where people want to go. But if you’re a fan of the 76ers or the Raptors or the Celtics Yeah, this isn’t good.

Andrew Wing 26:57
I hate it

Graham Wing 26:59
On Thursday. We were both out but we saw the end of the Lakers – Celtics game I turned it on and there was a minute and a half left in the Celtics were up by six and I seriously thought to myself, I’m like, Ooh, that’s only two threes. And 40 seconds later, the Lakers got two threes and the game was tied and then there were a couple free throws. There was a three pointer there was another basket and then Rondo hits that game winner and it was, what? it was… It’s, that’s why you love basketball! That’s just so excited. I know people complain that you only need to watch the last five minutes but even if that’s true, man those are good five minutes

on Friday we saw some of the, I saw some of the Philly – Denver game and then we both saw some of the Warrior – Suns game. The Warriors were down to the Suns for a while which was kind of exciting but then the Warriors just never stop. They just pound and pound and pound and and win and you just, you just don’t have a chance

and then finally last night we watched some of the Raptors or we watched the Raptors at the Knicks which of course the Raptors won.

Andrew Wing 28:09
I already spoke about that

Graham Wing 28:10
and then the Thunder at the Rockets and that was an exciting game.

Andrew Wing 28:13
It was

Graham Wing 28:14
because the Rockets were up near the end with a couple minutes left and then the Thunder pulled ahead and they won. Now both Paul George and Harden scored 40 plus. So it was a great high scoring game. It was very entertaining.

Andrew Wing 28:28
It was good

Graham Wing 28:29
Which kind of brings me to one other little point here is that Tim MacMahon on ESPN had an article about James Harden and apparently some people don’t like watching him.

Andrew Wing 28:42
I know. At school he’s called a hack people hate it because he’s just so good

Graham Wing 28:48
give me a break

Andrew Wing 28:48
He’s a hack

Graham Wing 28:49
the article is called James hardens unstoppable maddening beautiful game and there’s one the one quote I wanted to read from it here I just think is great it’s from Chris Paul. The the article says: They’ll say his iso-centric style simply isn’t fun to watch — or not title-friendly, as Kobe Bryant put it — no matter how much history he makes.

“Man, just respect what he’s doing,” Chris Paul said, scoffing at the scrutiny Harden faces as he lights up the league with a prolific consistency that hasn’t been seen since Wilt Chamberlain. “Guys who play in this league know how hard that is to do that night in and night out.

“If everybody else could do it, they would.”

Andrew Wing 29:28
strong statement

Graham Wing 29:29
And that’s, that is just 100% true you can say whatever you want about whether or not it’s fun to watch whether or not he’s going to win a title.. he’s doing things that haven’t been done in decades he’s he is dominating in a way that is just crazy the article talks about how it’s artistry it, talks about the drives that he can make. There’s an argument that he’s the best one on one player ever to bounce a ball.

Andrew Wing 29:55
Kobe’s better

Graham Wing 29:58
of course you say that because he’s the the second GOAT you say. And then there’s a little note here or a quote here that says: Teammates shake their heads at Harden’s ability to consistently create — much less make — so many stepback 3s, darting backward and side to side at any angle.

“You know that 3’s coming,” Rivers said, “and he still figures out ways to get it.”

And that’s just awesome is that you see him at the three point line. And he’s doing his dodging his dribbling. And you’re just like, oh, and you’re just waiting for that little millimeter gap that he gets and then he shoots it. Now he’s not shooting that great right now. I’m sure he must be exhausted. But what a run he’s on. And he really is unstoppable.


if he had better, a better cast around him, more teammates, I think he definitely would be, the team would be better. And he, you know, he doesn’t need to score 40 every night. But that’s what we’re talking about that usage if he can get his points for game down to probably 30 to 32. And if somebody else stepping up, I think they’d have a much better chance. What’s up winning?

Andrew Wing 31:00
Yeah, agreed.

Graham Wing 31:02
Well, that’s probably about it. For this week. There was lots to discuss with the trades and the all star draft. We’ve still got lots of this things planned for the future. We’ve both been to a bunch of different games that we’d like to talk about. We’d like to kind of gripe about the cost of games in Toronto compared to what we see elsewhere.

Andrew Wing 31:21
I hate it

Graham Wing 31:22
We want to talk about our current favorite players. Last week, we talked about the GOAT and Jordan and why LeBron’s in that conversation, why you think Kobe should be, but there’s a bunch of great players today in the league other than LeBron that we wanted to talk about. And of course, we still have lots of other things that we want to talk about as well. But that’s enough for this week. Stay tuned for next week. It’ll be after the all star game and all star Saturday night. So we’ll share some highlights from that and maybe get into these other things. So thanks for listening to The Step Back podcast and we’ll talk to you next week.

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