The Step Back – Episode 3 – Links

During this week’s episode, we talked about a the Under Armour Elite 24 basketball event and how one of the dunks that Hamidou Diallo did (the one over Shaq) was just like one he had done in that competition. You can see that dunk and more in this YouTube video.

We also talked about how Markelle Fultz is the biggest bust in #1 pick history. I referenced an article from NBC Sports that lists all of the #1 picks since 1966 and how long they played for the team that drafted them. The article is at

Note: During the podcast we mentioned that KAT (Karl-Anthony Towns) was the longest playing current player on the team that drafted them. Right after we were done recording I noticed Anthony Davis (although that will end soon) and John Wall. So it looks like John Wall is the current player who has played the most games with the team that drafted him (573 and counting).

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